Full life cycle management solution


Derizone objective is to establish a fully automated investment cycle management for leverage/structured products, from designing and sourcing tailor-made products until repayment:

  • Connecting investors, wealth management banks, investment banks, brokers together.
  • Serving investment requests from investor/wealth managers in a fair basis from multiple issuers.
  • Adopting current business process and improve its efficiency. All participants can benefit Derizone right away at Day 1 without changing their local systems.
  • Supporting multiple communication protocols: via email, via web service or via the provided web portal.
  • Covering all stages of a request for offer process: from selecting/analyzing an investment strategy, requesting offers from issuers until finalizing and settling the offer between the investor/asset manager and the issuer.
  • Configurable workflow to match specifically to the client business process.

Products and services

With expertise in both IT and structured products, we offer consultancy services in the area of reference data modelling, IBT/CONNEXOR enabling, VDF data feed as well as derivative/structured product life cycle management and business processes. Our firmly objective is to support our clients to build scalable services, to reduce investment and operation costs and to improve the efficiency.

Derizone products and solutions cover all stages of an investment cycle, from the initial product design until repayment. These products can be federated into a single complete structured product solution or can be used independently and combined together following the LEGO design principle.

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